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Hey, welcome to the food blog.

I hope you enjoy wine and food as much as I do and like to share recent discoveries and great bargain finds. I am not an expert by any means. I just know what I like and can usually afford, and occasionally splurge on.

The rest of the time is just work, travel, cookbooks, cooking, eating and life with wine. . . it's so much nicer.

Our ratings are based on how much we did or did not enjoy each wine. No professional advice here, just honest opinions. The same goes for the restaurant ratings.

We drink what we like with what we like to eat.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Low Cost Delicious - Pappradelle and Pork Ragu

It doesn't get much cheaper than four country style "pork ribs", a can of tomatoes, a carrot, an onion, a celery stalk, a cup of red wine, flour, eggs, olive oil, water and salt.

I know I have mentioned before that I am a cookbook freak. I love all of the beautiful pictures and I really do thumb through each and every page for inspiration even though I rarely use the recipes--exactly.

There is a wonderful Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Italian cookbook that I have had for a while now and one recipe just stuck in my head. It was Papparadelle with Pork Ragu. The photo in the cookbook looks succulent for lack of a better description--it just makes your mouth water. Williams-Sonoma's website does have a pappardelle with beef ragu recipe but not the pork.

Saturday was our trip to Fiesta to see what was on special. Country style pork ribs were on sale for $.99 per pound. Now you can't beat that price no matter what you plan to do with the pork.

It is a fairly standard recipe. After browning the "pork ribs" in a Dutch oven, you braise them with a mix of sauteed chopped onion, carrot, celery, some red wine (Spanish Tempranillo) and tomatoes, cooking everything for about 2 hours until the meat falls off of the bone and then shred the pork back into the sauce.

I also made a batch of fresh egg pasta dough from the W-S cookbook--2 1/2 cups of flour, 4 eggs, 2 tbs of olive oil and I added a couple of grinds of salt. This was a great dough recipe. The key to the papparadelle was letting the pasta dry for about 30 minutes before dropping it in a pot of boiling water.

We topped the platter with tons of fresh grated Parmesan and there was enough to feed 6-8 adults. My photos don't really do it justice and I was just too hungry to stage a plate, but I can tell you we all agreed that it was succulent.

Nothing but good days,


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Crown Pork Roast for the New Year

From Food & Wine Oh!

December was really busy for my family. I started a new assignment at the law firm that I have worked for for 22+ years--I'm now in the IT department call center instead of working as a legal secretary. This has been a great change for me.

I also found out that Himself and I are going to be grandparents! My grandchild is due July 15, 2009. Lots of changes at my house for the new year.

Finally, I have a moment to sit and blog about food. My Dad is very traditional (as far as what we have for dinner) during the holidays. We ALWAYS have turkey at Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas--no deviations. I really wanted to try Tyler Florence's crown pork roast recipe at Christmas, but I was unsuccessful so we gathered on New Year's day at my Mom and Dad's and tried out a new recipe.

We cooked a 17 bone crown pork roast and Mom and I followed the recipe for the roast exactly, including the Calvados in the gravy. We rubbed the roast with a past of fresh herbs--sage, thyme, and rosemary and salt, pepper and good olive oil. Mom didn't think the gravy would be good because she didn't like the taste of the Calvados, but the gravy was a huge hit. Our only deviation to the recipe was to the gravy--I used the roasted vegetables in the bottom of the roaster instead of cutting new ones and sauteing them. Everything turned out great.

From Food & Wine Oh!

The only thing I would change is to either toast my bread for the stuffing or bake it outside of the roast for 1.5 hours and then stuff the pork. The dressing was just a little moist for me. You can get the recipe off of Food Network.

I wish all of you out there a happy and prosperous new year.

From Food & Wine Oh!